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2022 Inspiration

Like many people I've stepped into 2022 with a list of goals, changes, and improvements I want to make to my life, my business, and myself. I approach this list everyday, in no particular order; it is fluid. One thing I've been doing to center myself each day is to read a book given to me "Five Minutes in the Morning." It really is probably less than five minutes of my time, I let the message sink in, and I return to it throughout the day to recenter. Today was a great message I wanted to share about working each day to build relationships. Relationships span farther than family, but to friends, colleges, clients...

"Love is a choice. Either we chose to behave lovingly toward others...or not; either we conduct ourselves in ways that enhance our relationships...or not. But we should be aware that genuine love requires effort. Simply put, if we wish to build lasting relationships, we must be willing to do our part. Building lasting relationships requires compassion, wisdom, empathy, kindness, courtesy, and forgiveness--lots of forgiveness. If that sounds like work, it is. But that's perfectly okay, since the reward of love always outweigh the costs." (Freeman-Smith, 2017.)

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