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Production Planning...

Production planning is typically a free service we offer when you decide to select Trade Sound Productions as your service provider. Most of the time Meeting or Event Planners run into the problem of having to design the look or set up of the event they are hosting. This can sometimes result in days or even months of time that you do not have. Our professional and experienced staff of production designers take all the info of the event you are trying to create, and we re construct the look to fit to your liking. With 20 plus years of combined experience we have seen and done a great deal. We know how the look should be set up in order to not obstruct the rest of the operations within the event or the venue itself.

How it works-

  1. We take the information of what your vision is, lighting looks, scenic looks, where you want the video to be presented, what our sound coverage area entails, etc...
  2. Then we converse the situation with our people that will be running the event (i.e. audio, lighting, video, scenic, etc...) we discuss the best placement for equipment, gather the artwork, design the show from start to finish, and render the look for the client.
  3. We sit down with you the client and present the production plan and the looks that we have created for your approval. If any changes need to be made we deal with the step by step process and make those changes at the office.
  4. Once the final changes are made they are re-presented to you the client for final approval.
  5. Once the approvals have been met, we take all the info of the show design and present it to our Project Managers to execute a successful and memorable event.


To explain the differences between Pre-Production and Production Planning-

  • Production Planning is when we gather the information and design the show before the event. (This is a free service when you have contracted with us)(It is charged when a contract is not in place).
  • Pre-Production is when we physically do the work that is needed before the event. (This service is usually charged onto the bill as there are expenses involved).