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    Corporate Production is a specialized service that if not performed with the utmost attention to detail, may return disastrous results. At Trade Sound we understand this area of concern. Most experienced meeting planners spend most of their time with the technical side of their meetings. We make sure the vision that is being attempted is achieved with full success so that the attention for concern does not need to be there. We coordinate with presenters, entertainers, banquet captains, event coordinators and even your sub-vendors to make sure the work flow on the technical side of the event runs freely.

     Our areas of expertise with the corporate side deals with numerous breakout rooms, large general session halls inside ballrooms, professional foyer looks, and we even handle the ever so popular hybrid event of combining a banquet with a full band or entertainer. We call it Corporate Entertainment Services and our experience has matched us up with some of the largest recording artists and stars in the world including Hootie and the Blowfish, Jay Leno, and even Burt Bacharach. What ever your demands or needs we make sure that everything is in order to create a successful and memorable event for you and your attendees.